Janna and Sam at the House of Blues!

By: Amy on March 2nd, 20140 Comments. View Comments

WOW, this session blew me away! I have had this session planned in my head for so long and when the day arrived to shoot, I was so excited!!! I had been to the House of Blues a couple times prior to this shoot and always thought it would be a perfect location for photos. Janna and Sam are the first couple that jumped into my head for this venue. They have the perfect look and are always up for something different. Working at with the House of Blues was wonderful. Norma was amazing and so helpful. She was willing to help us in any way possible and make our experience the best possible. We all had an amazing time, and I think the photos turned out better than I imagined!!!

Thank you SO much to Janna and Sam, Norma at the House of Blues, and Lisa from Lisa Michelle Photography for all of your help!!!!!

The Frameables: A Beginner’s Photography Class

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It's about time for another photography class! I have been asked by more people if I would be teaching another intro to photography class, so I decided I would! I've done a couple in the past and they always turn out to be a great success with lots of learning going on. I will be teaching another beginner's photography class on Saturday, March 29th at 2:00 in the afternoon. The class will be held at my home in Little Elm and the fee is $40/person. This class is focused on learning about the settings on your camera and transitioning into shooting in manual. I want to help you turn your every day photos into frameable photos. Please e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information or to register! I've only got 3 spots left, and it is first come first serve!

Thanks for visiting, I look forward to meeting some of you soon!

Bookstore Baby

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Ok, he's not a baby anymore but the title is too cute not to go with. I had just posted a blog "Play Time!" talking about taking photos during play time with your kids instead of just portraits. Then I thought about the last portriats I did of Henry. It was back in late October, just before I sent out invitations for his first birthday party. I bought adorable jeans and a tiny little man sweater and was so excited. The day that we had planned, he woke up in a TERRIBLE mood (of course) but we went with the plan anyway. Needless to say, we only got a few shots of him without swollen cranky eyes. So, it was about time for his next round of "portraits". I love using photo sessions to document a child's interests in a specific age frame. Henry LOVES books. He always wants a book in his hands. He's got his nose in a book while walking around the house. Yes, he will walk straight into walls. I love that he loves books. I was never a reader growing up, although I am now. So the fact that Henry already loves books is wonderful. I had been having a real hard time thinking of a location for his new round of photos and then all of a sudden, it hit me... a bookstore! But it couldn't just be any bookstore... it had to be an awesome bookstore. Then, Recycled Books popped in my head. Of course! Why didn't I think of this before?!? It's by far the coolest bookstore around, so I figured we would go with it. The people there were so wonderful and welcoming when I asked if we could do some photos. I'm so thankful that they were open to the idea because I think the photos turned out wonderfully. Henry had a blast walking through the rows upon rows of books, and I just followed. Here are some of my favorites:

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!



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