Kim and Matt Are Married!!!

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Well hello there blog world! It's been a while, but something very special has brought me back to the blogging life. Kim and Matt were married a couple weeks ago and it was such a fun wedding, I can't wait to share my favorite images! This day was great to be a part of. Everything was relaxed and everyone was happy and excited about the big day. When I first walked into Kim's bridal suite, I was fairly certain it was the calmest, quietest bridal suite I'd ever been in. All the girls were putting on their final touches as I poked around doing my usual detail shots. Of course the guys were upstairs getting food and playing games. I was so excited Kim and Matt decided to do a first look. There's just something about that moment that's so special, I love each and every one. It seems like it's great to calm the bride and groom's nerves as well because after Kim and Matt saw each other, they were ready to get the show on the road! Their ceremony was the perfect combination of laughs, tears, and sweet moments. One of my favorite parts was their recessional song, the ending theme from A New Hope (Star Wars). Once the guests realized what song it was everyone burst out laughing and it made for the perfect recessional photo. The real fun came at the reception where the families and guests really know how to party. I would be willing to bet that everyone who attended was out on the dance floor at least once. It was such a fun evening, I could go on and on, but I will just leave you with my favorite images:

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By Virginessays on January 09th, 2018

Thank you for sharing wonderful blog post. I really enjoy with your post. It’s clearly shows everyone was happy and excited about the big day.Nice!

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